Training Number 1ish

I start mopping in the disciples quarters, the place that I will be staying because I am new to the area, and I try to remember the actual accident. I think about the sentiment of actually going through the accident and I realize that I haven’t actually had any time to think about it or grieve. I try to remember the whole event and I remember sitting in a seat alone on my families plane, watching whatever rubbish I had put on the hard drive of my laptop before leaving. I remember needing to switch to subtitle at one part because I was watching some Japanese anime where there was a good amount that I needed to understand. I remember skipping back and forth through a few scenes because I didn’t completely understand the premise and then the plane ripping apart, me falling, and waking up outside that village that I had been in, but there were parts I simply couldn’t remember. I remember hearing a warni9ng alarm, but I don’t remember what it said or why I didn’t do anything in response to it. I also don’t remember why the plane ripped apart. I want to say that it was some technical thing, but I remember seeing something dark out on one of the wings and then I remember the place dropping a bit midair as if something had pulled down on it.

Regardless, Sanji walks by with a few monks and he simply passes as if he isn’t able to see me at all. I think about calling out to him to ask him if there’s something else I can do, but I decide again it. He probably would say something about getting back to the work because the trust hasn’t been built yet, so I lower my head in respect of the people I am working for, and return to mopping for a few more hours.

After cleaning the disciple and adept chambers (the place where the people that are more experienced stay, I am about to move to another chamber, the masters chambers, but Sanji stops me,

“I think that is enough mopping for today. Lets move onto some other training.”

“Sweet. What are we gonna do now?”

“You will see. Just be patient.”

He and I walk through a small hall, through what appears to be some sort of library into an open courtyard.

“To start, you will tell me more of what you know.”

“I told you everything before. I crashed and landed in that city at the base of the mountain.”

“I am still a little puzzled by this plane, but I get the concept. It is a vessel that takes its passengers from point A to point B. That is clearer to me, but what I still do not understand is why your vessel of transportation crashed.”

“That’s the thing, I don’t know how.”

“Think hard about it. Maybe there’s something you missed.”

As he says this, he takes my hand and palm glows faintly. The palm emits a purple glow and I start to try thinking myself through the events. Within seconds, I have left the courtyard and entered into a black open space. Sanji is next to me.

“Where am I. Where are we?”

“We are in your mind.”

“Wait, what? How? Why?”

“Do not worry yourself with how just yet. Just remember that I am using this as a way to see what you can and can’t remember.”

“Huh. Okay.”

As he says that, we shoot into a plane. I am in the bathroom and oddly enough the light is on. I feel around behind me for the exit. There is a door. I open it, and Sanji is on the other side.

“Is this the plane you were talking about?”

In a rather snarky and sarcastic tone, I say, “How’d you duess?

Sanji is going to respond and then realizes that I am already moving on. We walk down the hall and see a few empty seats and then one occupied.

“That’s me!”

No, really?

I look at my slender and slightly doughy physique, and I notice that as I remember, I am watching something in Japanese, but the thing is not an Anime, but a Japanese bootleg of an American movie. I think it’s kind of funny. I have a bunch of money, yet I can’t find a proper movie to watch while I am flying.

Then the plane rocks from side to side. My remembered-self (RS)looks out the window and the warning alarm sounds. After a few seconds of shaking, the movement stops. Then a lound noise like a cannon being fired can be heard, and the plane rips open. Sanji looks puzzled,

“When the alarm sounded, why did you do nothing? “

“I don’t know. I can’t remember.”

“Hmm…that’s puzzling let me go back.”

The plane moves backwards as if the plane was never moving forwards at all and this movement is natural. My RS returns to his prior state and looks out the window. I remember the shadowy things out on the wings and I tell him to go to that exact moment. My RS looks out on the wings and I can only imagine that this may be the moment that I want, so the two of us look out, but nothing is there. The wings are bent to an unhealthy point, but there is nothing there.

“There should be something there. I can kind of remember seeing something shadowy.”

“I would say that’s odd, but I deal with things that tend to be odd. I have a theory…”

As he says this, we shoot out of the sky. Fall almost, but it seems up, and we return to the courtyard.

“Something is altering your memory because it doesn’t want you to remember. Luckily, I deal with the realm of the mind and can uncover any secrets held within that labyrinth of a mind you have there.”

“So what do we do?”

“We are going to need to build your concentration by centering your Chi. You will need to trust me just as I need to trust you.”

“Does that mean I don’t need to mop anymore?”

“On the contrary, you get to mop.”



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