“So, where do we begin, so I can do that thing that you did. Enter someone’s memories.”

“You may not be able to do that at all-”

“What that’s bull-”

“”Depending on the type of energy, the shape, and the ways that the energy flows, you may be able to read minds, but we will have to see.”

“Okay, so what do I do to check my energy?”

You do nothing, you simply sit and focus while Master Om senses your energy flow, then we decide on your training, so let’s find Master Om.”

Just as Sanji says that, a purple circle about head height opens up and out walks Om.

“You wanted me?”

“Yes, but I never…I keep forgetting that you are not only a master of mind-reading, but mind-channels.”


“Now that you are about to begin your training, I may as well explain to you some of the basics things that we work with. First, we focus on the 4 main elements. There are many sub-types, but for beginner purposes, there are fire, water, wind, and earth.”

“Tell me something I didn’t know already.”

“Be patient Tony. Anyway, at this monastery, the monks learn to focus their energies, harness these elements, and manipulate them in ways that will help.”

“That sounds like some supernatural stuff, but whatever. Go on.”

“There is also a 5th Element that remains in its own realm because it is so volatile. That Element is Dimensional Magic. It is not included in the 4 main Elements because the first 3 Dimensions include all of the elements. The next dimension can be a little tricky.”

“I’ve watched a few movies amigo. I think I can handle it.”

“Instead of me trying to explain it to you, why don’t I show you.”

In that instant, Sanji and Om link arms and the offer me a hand. I am not sure what makes unsure of trusting these two at the moment, but I hesitate, which is kind of odd because I have been taken in by these two, Sanji has brought me into my memories and Om has just jumped from place to place with some purple circles. I hesitate, but I decide to take the two’s hands. At first nothing happens,

“Shouldn’t we be in a memory or whatever?”

“Yes, but it looks like your mind is locked. I’m not sure why, but we can simply enter my own.”

With a squeeze of Om’s hands, we enter a simple black space. I see Om, Sanji, and myself simply floating. Then a rather loud whooshing sound and we enter into a room with no walls. Only a desk and a floating chalkboard.

“Okay, to start off we will be creating the first dimension, and then right after will be the second.”

He then draws two points and connects the points with a single line. Then he draws a third point and connects the line to the new point.

“If we think of the first dimension very basically, it is a straight line. There isn’t much more complexity to the first dimension than that. Than, we enter the second dimension where things get a little more complex.”

I start to daydream a bit and I wonder why I am basically in school when I finished my seemingly useless degree in Literature about 3 or 4 months ago. On top of that, why am I learning science? I never signed up for this; although this is really interesting.

“As we enter the 3rd dimension, we can think of objects in relation to each other in space. Not just their distance away from each other, but we think are the objects higher than each other, so us in relation to the city. You can think of the location in simple distance as if the monastery is a 2-dimensional object and the same goes for the city and there are no obstacles, but that’s not the case in actuality. There are rocks of varying heights in the way and an entire mountain to traverse.”

“That all makes sense since it is stuff I kind of know more or less.”

“Okay, but do you know about the 4th dimension?”

I shake my head because I have only been taught of 3 dimensions. I have been taught that there are people who have theorized that there are more that simply 3, but as far as I know, humans can only detect 3.

“Okay, so think of that 3-dimensional object we were just taking about. In fact, let me draw it. When we put it on an axis, we see that there is length as well as width, but then we rotate the axis and we notice that the shape also has depth. How did we come to that conclusion? By adding another axis that is perpendicular to the length and width ones. These are the basics of the first the dimensions, and the things that most people focus on here, but I have masted the first 3, and Sanji and I have moved on to the 4th. You may ask, what is the 4th dimension? And the answer is a little hard to explain, but going back to that drawing of the cube. We created depth by adding another axis, another dimension if I may. Lets imagine adding another axis directly through the shape. Basically, this removes the 4th dimension from the same axis as the prior because ideally, dimensions be perpendicular to the one’s prior to it, but this is not perpendicular to all of the dimensions. This dimension seems to cut length and or with in half, which can be confusing at times, but Sanji and I said that we deal with confusing, which is why we are here.”

“Okay, so where does that leave me?”

“You will be starting with the second dimension.”

“You will need to focus and enter your mind, and that means I will need to unlock the mind first, but you will spend countless hours working on manipulating the 2nd dimension in your mind and then you will move on to the 3rd, but again I will need to unlock your mind, so that I can determine your flow of energy and to allow you to train inside of it.”

“Okay, so unlock it.”

“It’s really not that easy since I have to identify the reason that it’s locked and work your mind out of its locked state. First we need to leave this place though.”

Just as quickly as we entered the space, we return, and still everything appears as it was. There even was a gentle campfire burning near one corner of the courtyard, and it still burns just as brightly and it remains the same size. Om moves towards me, and Sanji remains by his side, but he has moved his hand from the linkage to its current spot on top of his head.

“I will now attempt to identify the thing that is blocking me from entering your mind. In order to do this, I will channel energy from Sanji as well as from you.”

He then places his hand on top of my head. I notice some strange marks that appear to be tattoos, but they also simply appear to be his skin. He tells me to close my eye, and I do so. I simply see the back of my lids at first, but through my lids I see a glow and I imagine that his hand is glowing purple.

Almost instantly, I exit the human world and see myself as if I am playing a video game and I am controlling me. I begin to fall, and I speed up, and I hear the same sound when the plane crashed. It’s as if a cannon is being fired, but now the sound is continuous. I fear for everything. I fear for my life, my mom, my brother, the world outside, and I fear that everything is simply going to be engulfed by this darkness.

The I simply stop. I float for a minute and the sound of a cannon being fire ceases. I remain in pure nothingness, until a bright light appears. At first, the light appears distant, but it moves at a rather constant rate. I try to make out what it is, but the light appears too bright to see through it. I still try though, and the light changes in vibrancy as well as color as it approaches. It simply begins white when it is far and then dulls into purple as it comes close. I continue to start and start to notice that this light has a form as well.

“So this is your unconscious.”

It is Om, but he has changed a bit. I notice that he is no longer wearing robes, and that shows off something else that I haven’t noticed before. He doesn’t have a left hand. It interests me and as stare at the stump, I notice that this is the originating point of the light. Then he notices my stare, and at first I am ashamed that I have been staring at his missing hand, but he consoles me,

“This, don’t feel bad about wondering. I have kept it covered for a long time so I almost expect you to stare.”

“What about the light?”

“Ah, yes. That’s actually not just a light, but a corporeal version of what my hand could be in other time-lines.”

“Other what?”

“Oh you haven’t been subjected to that training yet. Well why don’t I teach you the basics of that as well. The world we are living in is called a Universe. One that is controlled by our Dimensional Laws, but there are many other Dimensions and Universes. I have actually mastered the 4th dimension, the one that I just showed you and have been delving to the 5th, which is basically time, and the 6th, which is something that is hard for even me to fathom.”

“Okay, so what does that have to do with your hand?”

“In another time-line, I never lost my hand. I have seen that time-line, and I am able to generate my own energy to create that hand.”

As he is saying that another voice appears from behind me.

“Ah Om, so that’s how you do that thing with your hand.”

With the introduction of the third voice, the energy hand on Om’s arm changes into a blade and it extends to about 1/3 of a meter in length.

“Who’s there and why are you here?”

“Don’t you recognize my voice Master?”

Om looks a little puzzled and then his expression changes to that of a man riddled with fear.

“Demmi? Why are you here?”

“Isn’t it obvious? After you banished me from the human realm, I needed to find a host, so I implanted myself into Tony here and used him to return.”

“So you were the one that cause my plane to crash?”

“I’m not sure what a plane is, but yes. I used my shadow magic to control you and rip apart your plane. Now that I am here, I will kill you to take control of your body and destroy this monastery.”

As Demmi says that, Om lunges towards me and plunges the blade into my chest. I look at him in anger and confusion, but all I can muster is,


“I am sorry Tony. I had to kill you here. If Demmi had killed you, he could possess your body. I will not let anything bad happen to you. I told you that I can manipulate time, so I will return us to a point before entering your mind.”

“But you wont remember…Demmi…”

“No, I will.”

As Om ends his thought, Demmi appears with a scowl,

“You know that was meaningless?”

“Did you learn nothing. That arm is from another time-line and I can see spirit inside bodies. I stabbed Tony in the exact spot that you inhabit, so you-”

“I…am…sealed in that time-line. Om, you monster. This isn’t over.”

Soon enough, I return to a moment standing with Sanji placing his hand on Om’s head and Om’s hand on mine. I wonder if Om remembers Demmi, but he must since he says ,

“Okay, we’re done here. He should be alright to focus and if not I have placed a part of myself inside to guide him.”


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