I wake to simple blackness

I wake to simple blackness. Was Om saying that he would teach me to harness the energy now, or did he mean that he would help me when I wake? I want to get up and check, but the first problem is that I don’t actually know where he sleeps. I know that he is in the Master’s chambers, but that quarter is more like an entire palace in itself. I know that there are about 5 people that live there, but the Master’s chamber is more than just a bed room. I have only heard rumors, but I imagine that it’s a library, study, laboratory, and everything needed to practice dimensional stuff in complete solitude.

Even if I did know where to find Master Om, would I even be able to talk to him? As far as I know, I am not allowed in the Master’s chambers. Well, I don’t actually know that, but I do know that I heard either Sanji or Om (one of the two, but I can’t remember which) tell me that I was done mopping when I finished the other main areas and I was about to move to the next (which would have been the Master’s), so I figure that I am not allowed.

I sit up in bed trying to think of what I should do when a light moves slowly through the wall. I’m not sure what it is and the words to describe the light elude even my understanding, but I have seen a lot in the last couple of days since coming to the monastery that I haven’t been able to even partially comprehend, so I shrug off the idea that this light is just my imagination. I focus on it, and my gaze follows the light’s path until it is right in front of me.

The light spins and makes multiple shapes in the air, but I just stare at the brilliant colors and shapes in wonder. Eventually, I come to understand that the light may be beckoning to me. It’s as if the light is trying to move me with its will, but it can’t. The light is just a colorful, ethereal orb with its brilliance almost radiating a heat, but I decide that this light might want me to follow it.

I decide to stand and leave the safety of my bed, and follow this light for a bit. I tiptoe in between the beds towards the exit. The light simply floats through a wall and I almost think that such an action isn’t possible, but I remember that the light is really only a light. Luckily, next to the wall that the light passed through is a door, so I quietly push my way through it.

Once I am through the door, I am outside faced with a moon that is now full. I knew the moon would come to fullness soon since it resembled a “b” when I put my finger as close to it as I could (which was still millions of miles from the moon, but whatever because that is closer than I have been in the past). I see the light straight ahead and it appears to beacon me to traverse with it, and I agree to follow the light since I am outside anyway. I do kind of wish that I had more clothes on, but Om and Sanji only gave me robes, foot-wraps, and an empty rucksack to put a notebook or something in. I feel a tiny chill, but as I continue to move, I warm and then the robes help me endure the elements.

The light travels to a spot on the ground and then I hear a whisper,

“Sit, focus, and breathe.”

I question my decision to listen to this orb since the only other light is a torch about 20 feet away and it is rather cold out here, yet I can’t think of anything that may want to hurt me, and if there was something, I imagine that there would be something that would rush to my rescue, so I adhere to the light and enter a seated position, close my eyes and focus on the world around me.

At first, I notice the cold air nipping at my ear lobes. I start to wonder why I don’t have some kind of scarf, and I try to focus on that feeling but I can’t. I hear the wind swirling about, and blowing around what I imagine are little pieces of snow, and then I hear,

“I imagine you are listening to the wind, and that is good. In fact that is very good, and next I want you to visualize the wind. A scene of some kind, and maybe a field of wheat being blown about or something similar to the place you are in with little specs of snow.”

I get scared, where is that voice coming from and how do they know where I am?

“I can sense you’re scared because I can read your thoughts. It’s me Tony, its Om. I said I would teach you to use some of Demmi’s power and here I am. Just not in a human form. This light is from another time-line later on where you practice your abilities, and I simply am fast-forwarding my body to that time. Now, if you can get back to imagining that scene.”

Started as I am, I close my eyes and imagine the scene around me. I am surprised to realize that this imagined scene erupts to fruition in front of me. I appear in front of myself as well. My body is simply sitting motionless.

“Good, now you have brought your mind into the Representative dimension and the things that you do can’t have an effect or the world around. That’s something most people have trouble with at first. Now we are going to see which element you are meant to use. Most people find that they can manipulate all 4 main elements, but they are most skilled with a primary element, so let’s start with fire.  See if you can move the fire at all, and if you can, try to move it into the palm of your hand.”

I see the torch he’s talking about, and the body in the Representative or Rep as I’ll probably call it, opens his eyes. He looks at the fire, and it does nothing.

“Try moving your head and see if the flame follows.”

The body is the Rep moves its head and the flames still do nothing.

“Hmm. I have noticed that a lot of people have trouble with fire. Let’s do something much easier. See that clump of snow, try and melt it.”

I look at it and think, and try a bunch of things, but nothing.

“Imagine it melting, or something hot.”

I do just that, and still nothing. I want to simply give up and go to bed when Om says,

“What are you doing? Your mind says you want to give up, but we are far from done.”

“I don’t know what to tell you. I am still exhausted, I‘m cold, and I’m really not getting this. I might as well give up for now and try again tomorrow.”

“That’s sad since I really thought you were getting it.”

“Well I wasn’t.”

I float down to my body and just before entering,

“Wait, you need to leave this dimension before you return-

I don’t wait though since I am already moving and as I enter my body, I hear light laughter and I see an ethereal Demmi,

“Demmi, I will not let you return to the physical world.”

As Om says that, the wind whips and materializes into a small gales around the torch the flame flickers a bit before appearing to die and go out, but then a new flame appears at the center of the gale. The flame changes color to blue and the earth starts to moves. The gale is almost immediately surrounded by floating stones.

“What can you do in your miniscule form?”

“I will show you!”

The light changes into a human form and then grows to the size of an average human. Light bursts out of Om’s palm and the lights merge into a staff with a blade at the end. I look in amazement as the two stand facing each other, and then the two leap at each other at if they are going to meet in a passionate embrace, except that this leap does not end in a passionate embrace. The two meet and it appears that Demmi’s arm which has now lengthened and sharpened into a spinning blade appears to enter Om’s torso. Om goes limp, but his corpse shrivels and a new body appears immediately behind Demmi, and Om plunges the bladed end of the weapon he is carrying into the thing that looks like Demmi’s heart.

Om walks over to me and he is about to take my hand when a shadowy figure reaches out of my stomach and stabs Om through the chest. It doesn’t look like Om has any trick to save his life now. What am I to do, since that shadowy figure steps out and reveals that he is another part of Demmi.

“Ton. Ton. Ton…when will you learn? You should have just let me take your body. It would’ve been easier that way, and your death would not have been so painful.”

I feel fear wash over me like a cold wave, but I notice that cold wave disappears in an instant when an orb appears in my hand and a glowing third eye appears on my forehead.


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