Is it too late?

Sorry about not righting at all in the last couple of days. I imagine that you wanted me to continue the story of Tony. I want to continue the story, and let it unravel and allow the aspects to be conjured by the imagination. The problem is that I can’t even keep writing for more than a few minutes without getting distracted. It’s not like I’m not trying as hard as I can to create this new universe because I would like to allow Tony, Demmi, and Sanji to really spread their wings. I am not completely worried about Om since he has had his time to really shine, and you will most likely learn how long exactly he has soent soon enough.

I am not sure of the exact time that I will write next. My next full writing session may be a little bit after I take a shower and get some time to really clear my head, but the next session could be tomorrow after I have had a cup of coffee or two and some time to really focus on writing, creating full-bodied scene, a long flowing timeline, and allowing the character’s that I would like to focus on to flaunt their stuff.


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