Succumbing to the Darkness

Note, that I am publishing thiss peice on a tablet with an attached keyboard thing, so movement on it isn’t too nice and therefore editing is pretty hard. I will Poofread this peice in a bit when I have an actual keyboard and mouse.

The orb in my hand appears to radiate some heat, and the eye on forehead appears to flicker as if it were a light bulb that wasn’t screwed in all of the way. I feel good though, and minus the fact that I haven’t actually trained at all and I’m facing a person that I can only imagine was on a similar level as a Master since he defeated Om pretty simply, albeit with some trickery. I am a tad nervous, but I imagine that nervousness is rather normal in this situation.

I have seen Demmi in a human form, and this is ideally the same, except that his human form seems to be coated with, what looks like shiny dark goo. The goo has a glossy veneer; although at random intervals, an odd light radiates from parts. The problem is that the light looks odd, and it’s as if the light is simply a lack of light altogether.

Almost in one motion that makes him resemble fluid even more, he cackles, leans forward in with a lunge bounds towards me with speed that I imagine is unmatched. In less than 3 steps that resemble more than 10 leaps, Demmi is almost face to face with me. I raise my hands thinking that will block his strikes, but with a flash of black his disappears. I lower my guard and look around seeing nothing. I look behind me and nothing is there.

“up here,”

A voice from up above and I look upward. He is upside-down, seemingly hanging from nothing looking straight down at me. I shudder is surprise and try to raise my hands to defend myself, but he seems to move faster than anything I have ever seen. His foot falls from whatever he is standing on and make contact with my face. I stammer and struggle to stand up and I manage to stand, for the second, but within seconds, my face and body are met with a barrage of kicks and punches. Within seconds, my body flies around limp as if Demmi is controlling it and not me. The eye has disappeared, not that it matters since, I can’t think of a way that an eye would help me in this instance at all.

After a few seconds, Demmi slows,

“I hope you’re enjoying the entertainment because this whole exercise is taking a little bit of energy.

I simply wince and shudder as his feet continue to make contact with my face, stomach, and chest.

“It’s kind of sad. You haven’t even thrown a single punch.”

At that point, my body almost goes numb from the pain.

“Let me see. Can you even stand up to give me a proper fight?”

He stops all of the blows and I try my very best to remain standing, but all I muster is a single step forward and then I plummet chest-first to the confortable refuge of the pavement. Demmi Scoff’s,

“Pitiful! I wanted to use your body to take on Om? You can’t even stand a single 3 -Dimensional fight.”

Then the usual light appears from his hand, which spins into something of a giant orb. It appears that he is going to execute me. I accept death, simply because I’m in too much pain to care otherwise. He looks down at me, and his scowl turns into an expression of jealousy.

“It’s annoying that Om thinks so highly of you.”

I start to wonder what he is talking about, but I do remember the way that OM encouraged me to try basically everything.

“Yes, every time Om told you ‘you can practice dimensional essence,’ I was there.”

He then pulls back the hand with the spinning sphere to strike me for a milling blow, and then he extends his arm as if he is reach to grab something that oddly enough remains in my chest. I close my eyes and accept that this is about to be the end.

Demmi’s blade-hand plunges into my chest. I accept the blade and I almost welcome it. The release as well as the comfortable warmth that the blade-hand seems to promise. I also think that the blade helps warmth come to my pants, but that warmth is actually pee running down my leg.

I don’t die, or simply pass on to blackness, which is quite odd, and instead, I feel that warmth that I talked about earlier resonate to my arms, legs, and all my extremities. Then Demmi’s hand-blade begins to dematerialize, as if some exterior force is absorbing it.

Demmi retreats in shock, and he is armless on one side. He then gets even angrier, and the other arm becomes a blade. Thistime it does not spin. I feel reinvigorated and I even stand up. Demmi bounds towards me and attempts to stab me, but I grab his arm aborsing that one as well. The eye on my forehead glows brilliantly and the orb that was once in my hand is now revolving around my head as if it is a halo.

I begin to radiate an aura, but it’s difficult to determine if I am now radiating my own, or using Demmi’s and repurposing it. In any case, I step towards Demmi and a rainbow trail follows me as if I am bending the entire light spectrum with each step. I reach out to touch Demmi andhis form seems to collapse in on itself, because liquid, and enter my body through my finger.

Now the light that I am radiating appears to be of a rainbow sort and I simply sit down, meditate, and leave the sanctity of this realm.



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