I leave the previous dimension and notice that the sun is coming up. I begin to close my eyes and my body goes limp, but out of the corner of my eye, I see a frantic Sanji,

“Oh no, I was too late! I should have come a little earlier.”

Soon my body would hit the ground, but luckily Sanji collects me. The last thing I see before I enter the world of darkness one more time is Sanji’s gentle face. He is crying,

“Om, I know you tried, and you feel like this boy has some amazing potential. I will take on the mantle and become the best master that I can be.”

Just before completely passing out, I reach up, stare directly at Sanji’s eyes,

“He will be with us soon enough…” (To this day, I still don’t know what that means)

Then I simply fall into a deep sleep filled with pure blackness and rest. I do not dream, I do not stir, I do nothing but sleep for, what I presume are hours.

I wake to a morning sun, and slowly I open my eyes. Everything around me appears blurry at first, but within minutes, the images come in to focus. Sanji is next to me, and he is reading…a tome. I try to read the title, but the cover is marked up with grooves of various shapes, sizes, and what I can only describe as various intensities.

I stir and I try to sit up a bit, and Sanji notices.

“You are awake. I was beginning to fear that you had passed. Your life force seemed rather weak.”

“Hey Sanji. What happened? Why am I here? How long have I been here?”

“Where do I begin? Om’s suspicions were correct, and Demmi had placed himself inside of you, and he was using you to return here because a person must be in the Real, the human realm, in order to enter. He then was sealed in you because Om feared that Demmi would lure you into the Representative and kill you. Then Om tested you to see what form of energy you could use, but Demmi, I assume that you must have accidentally did something to summon him. Om feared for you and fought Demmi because, even though you entered the Representative so nothing in the outside world should have been altered, you brought your corporeal form into it and mixed the two, so if Demmi had killed you, you would be gone for good.

“What?! Om warned me about not merging my spirit self with my Representative Self, but he didn’t tell me I could die.”

“That’s because he didn’t know Demmi would attack so soon after he just tried. Om feared for your safety and was originally using a clone from another time-line, but saw Demmi and sent some of his life force to strengthen. He seemed to win, but was killed by dark trickery. Then Demmi changed to hi shadow form, and that’s when he channels dimensional magic, but I would like to say that he does so incorrectly, and that’s the reason that his body appears to be covered in sludge.”

“Oh that’s what that was. I kind of remember now.”

“Anyway, I was at Om’s side watching, and Om’s time duplicate remained, but was simply able to watch, so I watched as well as you were beaten to a pulp. Then you too began to channel dimensional magic, but you did it correctly, which is reason that you bent light and made rainbows with each step. I also think that’s the reason that he was absorbed.”

“So is Demmi gone?”

“Not at all, but he can no longer enter your thoughts. You sealed him in the perfect complexity of your mind.”

“And what happened to Om?”

“That’s the thing. Since Om sent over some of his life force and he died while in the Representative, he is most likely trapped.”

“Well then, why don’t we find him?”

“You don’t understand. I have tried, and tried for almost 7 straight days, but I can’t find him at all. He may have also accidentally gotten trapped in your mind.”

“Then why don’t I return and release him.”

“That’s the thing. If you try to set him free, you will also release Demmi who will most likely find Om’s body and destroy us all.”

“So…what can we do?”

“Eventually, you will need to enter the Representative and finish Demmi, but first, you will train rigorously. We will simply begin with some martial arts and try to channel energy. It did not look like you could manipulate any of the elements, but I noticed that you were trying the physical, so I am going to try the mental elements. You will try to manipulate me since I can control the mind as well as sense energy.”

“So…what does that mean?”

“I will start by having you do the same things I was asked since I had trouble with the physical elements as well. So, I will channel some of my energy into you, and you will make my body do various things, like walk, and sit-

“That sounds great and all, but those are things you already do.”

“Yes, but I do them because I tell myself to do them. With these, you will tell my body to do these things and hopefully my body will listen. If you master that, you can start to make me do things I shouldn’t be able to do, like fly, or breathe fire. That’s part of the loop hole about not being able to manipulate the elements, eventually you can manipulate reality and have something else manipulate the elements.”


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