Job Search- Day Next

Sorry I haven’t in a while, and I am especially sorry if you expect this to be a good piece. It may be good in some world where objectivity rules supreme, but as far as I’m concerned, it won’t be amazing. In the last week or two, or three, or however long it’s been, I have had multiple interviews and dealt with sore knees. I haven’t necessarily been too busy to write, even a paragraph, but instead I have been either too tire or simply too lazy to write a good deal. Most days, I usually take the dogs out for walks (separately) and then I come back for some coffee and that is a treat. To have coffee simply waiting for me patiently in the pot, that is something that makes me even feel amazing. Then I think “I could write, or I could watch a few…hundred videos on YouTube.” At that point, I usually want some kind of food, so I think of something to eat or make, then I take the pups out quickly to go pee. I return upstairs, and sometimes I actually get to writing, but other times I think “I should write some,” and I write about 1200 words.

With the job search, the regular schedule has had to change a bit. A few employers have wanted phone interviews and/or things printed out, so I have had to arrange my daily schedule for that, and also to analyze and memorize the job listings to help me with the interview processes. Identifying the things that each job wants, whether they want someone with more technician-related skills or someone that is very knowledgeable in the Inbound Marketing Game. It has been useful to analyze the listings and then figure out the ways that I have worked in the customer service field or as a retail consultant, or to understand how my skills work for a marketing representative

From those phone interviews came in-person interviews, and mainly ones with People’s United Bank and Small Dog Electronics. The job at People’s United is a customer call center representative position mostly focusing on customer service and helping the clients finds the best services to help them with their problems. The people I interviewing me asked about my experience with going above and beyond (seemingly a very common question in customer service interviews) and about my experience working with customers who may or may not be friendly and the ways that I have worked to deescalate the situation(s). Then the two guys showed me the Call Center floor and told me some more information about the job, for instance the times, the parking availability, and other things that would be helpful for me to know if I were to become an employee.

The Small Dog Electronics hiring process seemed rather extensive, and I could understand that since Small Dog is the only Apple Repair Center in most of, if not all of Vermont. I also could understand them being rather selective since the career opportunities with them and the beyond seem rather lucrative. The person I was interviewing with said that one of their people had gone on to work for  Google, and I had never even imagined working for Google, but any jobs involving Silicon Valley companies would be insane; although I think I would prefer to stay in the Vermont area for a while. In any case, there was a full phone-interview that led to an in-person interview. I am also experienced with Photoshop, Lightroom, some Premiere and a tiny bit of Dreamweaver, and they seemed very enthusiastic about that. I think that this job opportunity would be one of the best uses, if  not the best use of my talents ever.

Basically, I am excited.


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