River Rats-sfd

I have been working on a short story about Winooski and some hoodrat that live here. Below is a simple outline that I've called this the shitty first draft.  Truthfully I'm on the next draft which is to be called the refined shit draft. I will probably go through 4 or five more draft before… Continue reading River Rats-sfd


The Solitary Hermit

1 When lilacs last in the dooryard bloom’d, and the great immature star fell from the sky as if the morn came too early, daylight was shed upon my teary face and the tears will perpetually come along with    the seasons, Each year I will remember my star, I will bow my head in loving… Continue reading The Solitary Hermit

Over the approximate 10 or 11 months that I've been writing, I have starting to feel like my writing has become a little boring to say the least. What I would like to do it's to create a much more expansive universe comma while merely delving into the real world. The world that I've come… Continue reading

I was a hero once, until I took an arrow to the knee

I went to a physical therapist (PT) back in September or October of last year and everything the therapists did or taught me to do have helped my flexibility and to alleviate my immense knee and hip discomfort and pain. To elaborate, I have had shooting pains on the outside of my left (and now… Continue reading I was a hero once, until I took an arrow to the knee